Acceptance check of cabinet accessories

    Don't underestimate the cabinet accessories, because even the small parts are able to affect the whole connection and usage of the cabinet. If cabinet accessories and installation cannot meet the standard, cabinet's durability will be greatly reduced.

1. Whether the installation of handles are solid or not
    The installation of handles relates to the durability of using. And handle is one of the commonly used components, make sure that the installation of handles is firm enough. Opening and closing the Cabinet must also leave enough space, and if there is collide between handles and door frame, which is also unqualified.

2. Whether screws are solid or not
   Although hardware fittings are small, they are the key to reflect the quality of cabinets. Most consumers lack of basic judgment on the recource of hardware. However, hardware plays an important role among all cabinet materials, which will directly affect the quality and service life of the cabinet. Therefore we need to focus on whether the screws are fixed or not, and whether the screws are rusted or not.

3. Whether the edge banding is tight or not
    The edge banding of qualified cabinet is smooth, and the seal line is flat and smooth. Professional manufacturers, with edge banding machine, edge, break, edge trimming, chamfering, polishing processes at a time. They gelatinize evenly, and press stably to the pressing edge, ensuring the most accurate size. However, small workshops gelatinize with a brush, press the pressing edge manually, trim the edge with paper cut, and polish with manual polishing machine. Due to differential of pressure, a lot of places aren't firm, also resulting in formaldehyde and other toxic gases relieve.